Removing stain and washing wallpaper

There are different methods of washing wallpapers depending on the type, layers and the paste used in the production of wallpaper. By considering these items, you can avoid the cost of replacement and increase its durability.

It is recommended to use non-soapy water to clean thin wallpaper.

First, take a look at a few basic things about wallpapers:

  • Stains should be immediately removed from the wallpaper or it will remain on it. Clean the dirt as soon as possible or else it may damage it over time.
  • Clean the wallpaper from bottom to top. For thin wallpaper, it is recommended to use clean warm water without soap. For thicker wallpaper, use a solution of water and dishwashing liquid.
  • Stains are usually washed with solution of water and dishwashing liquid. It should then be rinsed and dried with a dry towel. For stronger stains, use stronger detergents. Be sure to wash with water after using a chemical cleaner.
Cleaning wallpaper tips

Be sure to wash with water after using a chemical cleaner.

Do not use wire sponge, rough scoops and strong powders or solvent cleaners such as acetone to clean wallpaper, as this will damage the wallpaper. Clean the stains as long as the water does not leak over the wallpaper and particularly on the areas where wallpaper rolls are linked.

Use a cloth moistened with detergent to clean the colored pencil from the wallpaper.

  • If a candle dribbled on the wallpaper, first rub the candle carefully with the tip of the cardboard and then clean it with a pencil rubber.
  • To remove pencil marks from the wallpaper, use a cloth moistened with liquid detergent, and it will be completely clean. In case of strong pencil marks, you can use a toothbrush and a little toothpaste.
  • Try not to cause any stain on the wallpaper because you cannot completely remove the stain and the wallpaper looks old and damaged! All you can do is to use a cotton swab to remove particles of material from the wallpaper as much as possible and then clean the stain with a clean and dry cloth.

Wash the wallpaper with warm water, dishwashing liquid and soft sponge and never use abrasive tools.

  • If an ink stain is on the wallpaper, use a sewing soap to absorb the stain and then clean it with a brush or toothbrush. This should be done carefully to avoid spreading the ink.
  • Modern wallpapers are popular for home decoration. Wash the acrylic or vanilla type, which is often washable, using warm water, soap and soft sponge and never use abrasive tools.
  • If not succeeding to completely remove the effect of stains with these methods, stop washing; as excessive scrubbing on the surface of the wallpaper can damage it, leaving a worse effect than stain.

Removing stains from non-washable wallpaper

Generally, stains of this type of wallpaper cannot be completely removed, but it is advised to remove as much as possible using a cotton swab and then clean with a cloth. Continue this up so that you can see the fading of stain every time you do it.

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