Pay attention when choosing posters. The pattern you use for each room’s walls should fit the atmosphere of the place. Flower, geometric or visual designs each have a special effect on the states and feelings of individuals. The use of wallpaper requires more attention in the choice of furniture, flooring and other decorative elements of a room. If the floor is in neutral colors, you can use floral and colorful wallpapers, but if you use a stylish floorboards, consider wallpapers with a simple design, and avoid mixing colorful designs on both wall and floor. Wallpapers make it possible to choose a wide range of designs and textures instead of simple paintings. If you are tired of the pale colors for the walls, it’s best to use posters. 

  • AriaManook Poster package

Non-woven wall posters are very environmentally friendly and vinyl-free, with a very thick, very durable, durable and A + quality paper. Installing and removing such wallpaper is easy and requires no expertise. This product is resistant to tears and moisture, which is why it is easy to use in wet environments, including pools. The breathability of these posters, which makes it more durable against moisture, is another advantage of this product that prevents mildew. No wall-mounted wall posters change when wet and dry. The product is designed so that the seams can not be seen after installation. These sheets are completely dry without any need for any chemicals or chemicals.