Paint or Wallpaper?

Both Paint and wallpaper have advantages and disadvantages that cannot be ignored. You should decide which one is more suitable for your home. Although you cannot be certain about it, but considering some points may help you to know more about them, learn the characteristics of these two materials, and make the right decision. The final decision is yours and you are the designer of your home. If you are also looking for the best possible choice among these options, read our following recommendations. Note that in this comparison, it is assumed that both color and wallpaper are of the best quality.

wallpaper or paint

The first reason is beauty and variety in pattern and color:

Colors have a simple appearance. You can easily blend them with a contrasting color and create minimal designs on walls. But wallpapers are the first choice in this matter. Unlike color, wallpaper has great variation. In most places, a bright color such as white to light lime is used for walls. The bedrooms are also painted with bright colors. Modern, classic, 3D, nature, etc. wallpaper designs create a wider range of choices for the consumer.

Today, companies reveal several new albums with a variety of several thousand colors and designs that are responsive to any kind of tastes. In this way, it is easy to find the most-liked wallpaper.

The second reason is having more options in choosing wallpaper:

When using wallpapers, you can use the simple, colorful or a combination of these two. You can also use wallpaper in some areas and paint the rest. Wallpaper can become a focal point in your home. Using wallpaper, separates each room interior decoration.

The third reason is longer durability of wallpaper:

You can use a high quality washable wallpaper for a long time. On the other hand, color changes in appearance and looks no more beautiful.

The fourth reason is wallpaper covers the defects better than paint:

You have surely seen defects and waves on painted walls. The wallpaper covers these imperfections and defects easily.

covering scrapes with wallpaper

Reason five, No odor in wallpaper in compare to the paint:

After painting the house, the harmful smell of it would still be sensed at home. Water-based, non-odor-based plastic and acrylic colors do not last as long as oil colors. While the standard wallpaper does not have any odor. Today, there are wall-papers produced from fibers that are environmental and anti-allergic. Wallpaper is ready faster that the paint, so you can settle sooner and easier.

Reason six, Discipline and Disruption preventing:

You need to take away your stuff to do the painting. Spray paint, dust, sandblasting, paint cans, and toner make your home terribly messy and hurts your peace and comfort.

To hang the wallpaper, you just need to push away the furniture a short distance from the walls and wait for it to be finished. You can easily clean the stains and wallpaper paste from the walls and ground. At homes with a great amount of objects, you can do the hanging wall by wall.

The mutual advantage is their washablility:

If washing wallpaper is a concerned to you, we tell you that there are washable wallpapers available these days. This can make it easier for you to choose between these two materials. Some oil colors used for kitchen walls are also washable. Wallpapers can be completely cleaned with water or even detergents. There is no way cleaning pencil stains from the wall.. But wallpaper can be cleaned with water and washing liquids.

Reason eight is various textures of the wallpaper:

If the texture of the wall is important for you, the best choice for you is wallpaper. You can easily find your favorite wallpaper among a various of them. The wallpaper patterns allow you to experience a luxurious decor with warm and attractive texture. The combination of different textures creates a beautiful home.

Wallpaper or paint. which is more proper?

Some important and challenging question

Which one brightens the home?

Colors work better than the wallpaper due to its bright surface. Their shiny surface reflexes the light and makes the place brighter. Wallpapers do not have this feature. For dark homes, color is a better choice. Colors, reflex the light better than wallpapers and brighten the room.

Which one make the home look bigger?

If you want to make your home look bigger, colors would be a better choice. For smaller houses, less colorful designs and extra objects can show the house bigger than its actual size. On the other hand, you can not ignore the diversity of wallpapers too. Using simple wallpapers can work as colors. For example, in order to shorten the height of the ceiling, we can easily use papers with horizontal designs. Textured wallpaper can also be used to deepen the walls of the room. The wallpaper also absorbs the ambient noise to a certain extent and prevents glare from the glossy and polished surfaces of the painted walls.

Can a combination of color and wallpaper be used?

Finally, if you cannot choose between the color and wallpaper, use the combination of these two. But this combination should be done smartly and architecturally. Our suggestion for small houses is to use the combination of wallpaper and color to benefit from both. Remember that you do not have any restrictions on this issue. You are the one who decides for this matter, so do what you think is the best.