Feng Shui, a solution to eliminate negative energy from home

Feng Shui is the art and science of examining the environment in terms of beauty and quality and its relation to life. These two elements coexist in the cycle of life. Feng Shui is a Chinese word for wind and water that represents the Chinese belief of struggling good forces vs. evil. The Chinese use this belief in interior-design and even in the burial ceremonies to balance the energy that surrounds the human body.

According to Feng shui, by making balance between the five basic elements of life (Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, and Wood) can be used to change the energy of a location and, by strengthening the vital energy of the places, prevents the emission of negative energies and destructive waves.

You may be perfectly satisfied with your home’s order, but you can use Feng Shui to refine and improve the details and achieve more favorable results.

Feng Shui recommendations

Use Feng shui principles in the rooms you feel like is most necessary.

  • Using Feng Shui Does not mean to add a location filled with Chinese stuff at home.
  • Look over any broken or useless object and try to repair it or throw it away.
  • Do not store gifts or accessories that you do not like. Their least harm is that they occupy your space.
  • Avoid untidiness, ventilate the air and clean regularly to release positive energy.

How to place furniture to create a different atmosphere

Place the furniture before a wall with simple wallpaper and the farthest distance to the entrance.

Put the furniture where they create a sense of security and comfort and make a short distance between the wall and furniture.

Not considering the proper distance between the wall and furniture, makes the living room look smaller and closely located furniture creates an inappropriate place for talking and resting.

How to place the table before sofa

A is more suitable than square or rectangular tables. Circular tables create a flow of energy at home, esp. in living room.

How should the motion be in living room?

The motion should be in a way that you do not collide with furniture and not cross from behind them. This causes a negative and inconvenient sense.