Six steps to create an attractive decoration at home

Robert Frost says: “Home is where all its components attract us the most to go to.” One of the components that takes us to our house is its charming decoration. Take this a few steps to create a personal and attractive decoration.

Step One: avoid hanging small pictures on large walls. By doing so, the wall looks smaller and the artwork loses its value. Artworks should cover two-third of the width of the wall to look like a decorating element.

Step Two: if you want the walls to look higher, hang several verticals tableaus. And if you want the walls to look wider, hang some horizontal tableaus together.

Step Three: make sure it is your favorite color before finish painting. It is better to first apply the color on a small area and when sure about its brightness or darkness, then start painting. Test the color on the same light you spend most of your time with.

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Step four: lights can effect and change the colors. For instance, yellow light adds heat and yellow to the color. On the other hand, white light adds a little blue to the color.

Step five: using artworks helps to create beauty and harmony at home, but consider hanging them on the right height. The standard to this is the average height of the adults in a family which means 158 to 170 cm from the floor.

If willing to hang a series of tableaus, you can extend it to 130 to 185 cm.

Step six: use bright colors to make your rooms look bigger. Conversely, if you have plenty of space and want the room look smaller, use dark colors.