Terms and Conditions

Representation and cooperation with AriaManook

Representation and cooperation with AriaManook

Terms and Conditions

REpresentation and cooperation with AriaManook

General terms of representation

Resident of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Military Service Completion card

Acceptance in an interview with the agency and approval of documents by the company

۲ years relevant work experience

Exclusive Granting Terms:

at least two active colleagues in each agency with a degree in management and computer.

One in responsibility of contacting customers.

Location of representative office:

Office located in downtown.

office location preferably near the municipal services.

Required Documents

Copy of ID card, identification and Military Service Completion card

Last Education Certificate

Complete and submit the applicant’s profile form


Dear applicants, who send their documents to the agency, are required to contact the AriaManook Company headquarters to follow up.

Address: Floor 15, no 19, Eshraqi alley, northern Sohrevardi, Seyed khandan, Tehran

Tel: (+9821) 88738066 (10 lines)

Personal application form:

7 + 1 = ?

Application form

2 + 2 = ?

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